A Southern gal accustomed to the Midwest lifestyle, Candace "CAN" Breedlove is the JAQUELINE of all trades. She's a host, rap artist, radio producer and has no fear of busting a couple dance moves when necessary. CAN was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where she found her love for music. After a 4 year hiatus, graduating from Illinois State University and her recent move to Chicago, CAN bounced back with brand new music and a brand new mindset. Her single "Misunderstood" from her EP "RAIGN" landed her a performance slot on the main stage at The Black Women’s Expo in Chicago and Atlanta . Her positive, yet catchy lyrics and soul penetrating vibe is what keeps her fans engaged. CAN's musical influences are Missy Elliott, Eve, Shawnna and Erykah Badu. Her ultimate goal for her music is to keep the UNITY in community and create experiences for people to reminisce on years from now. 

Alongside her music career, CAN is the co-founder of 6D Networktainment, a music resource group derived to merge artists with music industry professionals in Chicago. She works alongside of artist manager and event planner Shaunda Brooks and Sam “DJ Unstable” Geralds. CAN hosts many of the 6D events.