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Ending 2020 with a BANG!! 

This year has been a rollercoaster and I'm grateful to still be here doing what I do best; CREATING!! I'm back at it with new music on the way and some cozy merch for you to stay warm in! The legendary holiday #CANDay is on the way (12/18) and with that being said, I am giving you $5 off all Misunderstood merch! Stay tuned for Twista's MAPS 4 Music Album in which you will hear 3 singles from myself and a couple dope artists in the program! It will be released on #CANDay as well! Hope you enjoy!

NOTHING Is A Coincidence! 

I learned this towards the middle of last year. It was Illy Muse (my em effin homie) who taught me about healing crystals and angel numbers and how they guide you thru this thing called life.

She was like, "NOTHING is a coincidence, CAN. You have to open your third eye and pay attention to everything around you. This includes the events that happen in your life, the dates of those happenings, numbers you constantly see and your thoughts when you see them." It kind of made sense to me until a certain series of events happened to me.

So I'm watching the Jessie Owens movie "Race", right? He broke a record on May 25th, 1935. That stuck out to me. Later that day, I was watching one of those Unsung episodes (Don't ask which artist. I was binge watching and my memory is terrible). And the lady was like "Yeah we got married on May 25th!" THEN sometime that day I look at the time. It's 5:25 PM.Okay so NOW I'm like WTF? Illy's words popped up in my head: nothing is a coincidence.

Let me remind you that I released my project, Raign, several months prior. On May 25th, 2018. I Google the angel number 525 and it's meaning. It read:

Human beings are made of both physical and material vibrations; energy flows in our bodies – it can be sexual, physical, spiritual, etc. ... Angel number can “work” as our talisman, and guiding light in the dark times; we can seek from numbers help and advice.

Guiding. light. in. the. dark. times. BIH! That's what my entire EP is about! I'm not gonna lie. I was discouraged AF about a few things dealing with Raign but this gave me confirmation that I was still aligned with the Universe and I am on the right track as far as making decisions in my life whether if it was music or some personal ish.

I released my EP on that date because it was on a Friday and a week before all of the mainstream artists like Kanye, Teyana Taylor, Drake, etc. dropped their albums and everyone starts to not give af about us local artists. I needed a week for me, tf!

With that being said, Illy was right. NOTHING is a coincidence. I'm fake woke now. I know some ish! And it changed my life and my mindset forever.

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RAIGN DROPS is a project consisting of dance mixes. Three of which are remixes of RAIGN's most popular songs along with a bonus track, "Dancin In The Raign" which somes up the entire RAIGN movement.

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CAN shares her take on the “healing” component of the Human Experience through her new EP entitled “Raign” released 5.25.18. Beyond music, Can’s message of transparency allows you to take a passenger seat to learning to cope with the ins and outs of life’s teachings. Whether you’re having parked car theory sessions with your lover, vibing out alone in the mirror, or sharing stories with friends. “Raign” will take you on a much needed escape on your journey to your higher self.

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